Friday, January 4, 2008

How to get yourself on TIME magazine cover ?

Hi Folks !!

Did you always dreamed of getting on TIME magazine front cover or FORTUNE ??

Well I am here to fullfill your dreams and will get you on TIME magazine front cover OR any magazine wish !!

RollingStone, COSMOPOLITAN, National Geographic, Vogue, Fortune, People !!

You name it and we have it !!

Well this is how you can get yourself on front cover of any magazine you wish:

2. Upload your pic & then click on 'Mag My Pic'
3. Select the magazine that you wish to appear on & you are done !!

Amaze your friends with these pics !!!

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Image Tools said...

Make more covers @ (fake magazine cover generator).

Webster Twelb said...

very cool and very ambitious Ankit. Thanks for visiting my blog..if you want the template just scroll down my blog and click on..i forgot..there's a link there.

But i don't think i wanna see another blog with the same template as mine...hehehehehe..

well you're free to do what you want. thanks!!!!

Bubbles said...

Great idea - too early for Aspril fool though!
Great post

Ankit Arora said...

Thanks everyone for your comments.
Also do check out my post on How to display your pic in museums. Here is the link:

Coop said...

Fun stuff.


Holly said...

I wish my friends were so easily amazed.

I thought you were going to tell me how to become notoriou--er, famous--enough to really be featured on the cover of TIME. I feel a little cheated, somehow. :(

But never mind, it's all fun.


Tom Rick said...

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