Monday, April 28, 2008

Why bloggers must use Windows Live Writer

Hello Gang !

This is my second post using windows live writer ( Free product for bloggers from Microsoft)Here are a few reasons why you must use the live writer:

1. Doesn't matter if you are connected with internet or not. Just install the live writer. Configure your weblog( be it blogger, wordpress or any blog service).

2. Suppose you are not connected with internet, now no worries, just save your post as draft. And publish it whenever you get connected with internet.

3. You can configure multiple blogs using the same live writer.

4. You can insert hyperlink, Pictures, Tables, Maps. Tags and videos and make an interactive post using the writer.

There are tons of other features which I haven't expored yet.

windows live writer

I know you are getting curious to download it right away. So here is the direct link to download windows live writer.( Note: After visiting this page, click on Writer and then on Install)

For those of you who are using the writer for some time now, pls do share how to make the best possible use of Live writer.


Sebastian said...

Thanks for this post have visited the download page and will definately give it a try

David said...

I echo what sebastian said, thanks for this post on live writer. I am going to download and give it a try. thanks again.

Ankit said...

Guys you're welcome. Its my pleasure to share new tools that coming up and enhance our blogging experience.

Pls do share any new features that you know can improve our blogging experiences.

Shyamolima Mutsuddi said...

Thank you very much for sharing this information with us. Impressive. :)