Friday, October 26, 2007

Rubik's Cube and life

Its been a few months when the rubiks cube bug bit me. I was just 10 years old when i first saw this rubik's cube. i tried so hard at that time but couldnt solve it. And a few months back, i came across a video on youtube and got excited about it again after a long period.
it took some pratice in in 2 days, i was able to solve it.. now i can say without doubt that i can solve it in 2 mins..

Well, sometimes i feel that life is like a rubiks cube. We keep trying different things throughout life and keep messing up things but we enjoy the process or sometimes it becomes annoying..
Similarly we try solving the cube, one side will get solved and we move on to solving other side just to find that we messed up the one side that was solved !!

Thats how life is !! we keep doing things and keep messing up things !!
You can spend hours trying to solve the cube and ending up in frustration,
but if you know the algorithm/approach of proceeding with the cube, you can solve it within a minute with a large smile on your face...

Similarly if we know how to go about with our life, life will become a lot easier !!
Perhaps we just need to make an algorithm for our life.....