Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mumbai Blogger Meet Roundup

Hello Gang !

I just came from Mumbai Blogger's Meet organized by IndiBlogger sponsored by Microsoft Live Writer.
Here is a recollection of the moments spend at the meet:

It all started today at around 3.30 pm with Indiblogger's guys asking everyone to come infront and talk about his/her blog for a minute( Hall of Fame as they say)

Now, it doesnt makes sense for me to write what each blogger talked about, so please check the proceedings of blogger meet here.

What I liked the most about the meet was that I came to know about Microsoft's new product Windows live writer which is awesome for bloggers.

More on Windows Live Writer in my next post.

One more thing: This is the first post that I am publishing using Windows Live Editor.

So are you using Windows live editor, or did you attended Mumbai blogger's meet ?