Thursday, March 11, 2010

Displaying Real Time Results of SEO

I am pasting here, an image that i have captured today
The search term is "NCFM Certification"

There are "72800" results for "NCFM certification"
For those who dont know what is NCFM- it is NSE Certification in financial markets- courses offered by NSE( National Stock Exchange of India)
If you go through my old posts, i have never written anything about NCFM and so I have never optimized anything for it.
Now, my target is to be on the first page of google search for this search term. Right now, i do not figure anywhere. Over next few days, i will write some articles about NCFM and show you how my blog will start ranking better.
I am quite sure that after 20-30 days, it would come on first page.
So, keep checking my blog
And keep searching for "NCFM Certification". You will find me on top in some time. And then, as a proof, i will provide you with another screenshot :)