Saturday, January 12, 2008

Get FREE blog review by giving your Advice

Hi Bloggers !!

I need your advice. Just spare a few minutes and comment below on my new template that I am planning to change to.

Here is the screen shot of how this blog will look like:

To get the complete look, here is the link:

Please comment below and advice me if this New template looks good OR my old one is better that this one.

I am quite skeptical about changing my template.

The whole idea is that i want to move from my current template to a more professional one where i can put all advertisements on right hand side and all content on left side.

Also, If you know a similar template that would look better than my new template, please give me its link.

Thanks !!! I will change my template probably by 20 Jan ( still to decide), so please spare some time if you read this.

( Depending on how many people give me comments/advice here, I will try to give a brief review about each of your blog/site, and i will give a blog review of atleast 5 blogs, so please leave your email/blog address while writing the comment )

I am done with FREE review and will be giving review for all those who left me their advice in my upcoming post. No FREE reviews after 21 jan 2008