Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Why you should join Art Of Living Course ?

Hello Bloggers !

Its been quite a few days that I havent blogged ! Well, I was busy pursuing the Art Of Living Course ( World famous course for Spiritual Awakeing and Medidation led by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) here in Mumbai, India.

This course is practised by over 20 million people around more than 132 countries worldwide.

As the title of this post suggests- "Why you should join Art of living course?" - I will talk about my experience and other people experience who completed
this course in my batch.

The course I am talking about is Art Of Living - Part 1 Course. I had been thinking for a long time to join a course which may give me more control over my
own life. So in this quest, I landed up with this course. The course started on 14 Apr 2008 and ended on 20 Apr 2008. This one week has been a kind of self
dicovery for me and many things which I didnt knew about myself- I came to know due to this course.

On the first day, we were told that for one week, we are not supposed to touch Tea, Coffee, Alcohol, Cigarrettes. Now I am the kind of person who takes almost 5-6 Tea Cups in a day. And I thought this is just ridiculous, but now its been over a week and I havent even taken half a cup of Tea. This is just one example of my self control which I was not aware of before attending this course.

On the first day, it seemed tiresome and questionable - will we be able to take out 3 hrs per day for continuous 6 days? Well, I feel this course of 22-23 hrs ( spanned over 6 days) has been a great investment by me for me !!

Coming to what the teachers teach you ? Apart for various Asanas, Pranayam, Sudarshan Kriya, and Fun filled activities, the teachers gave us some great knowledge points and they kept repeating those for all 6 days.

Here are few of the knowledge points we gained.

1. Accept People and Situations as they are.

2. Give your 100% in whatever you do.

3. Dont be a football of other people opinion. ( Meaning- Listen to everyone, but take your own decision)

4. Dont look for intention behind other people's mistakes.

5. Opposite values are complimentary ( Meaning- If good times never last, so will be the bad times which will end one day)
These are just a few points that we would always keep in our mind.

Sunday, 20 Apr 2008 was a day of celebration for all of us. We had successfully completed our course. Each participant brought delicious food from home and we had a great breakfast together sharing food with each other. Imagine how much variety we had, as we were 42 participants and everyone bought something or other from their home.

As a Guru Dakshina( Teacher's Gift), the Teachers asked us to practice the exercises daily for 40 days. So today is my 3rd day after the course. And its a long journey. Lets see how it goes...

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I will surely reply :)

If you loved reading this post, then do attend their course, and hey, pls subscribe to my blog.

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