Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Is my story similar to yours ?

I will tell you a real story, my story. You may not believe it, but all this is true..

It should not have happened. I was not able to belive that after falling 20 storeys, i survived the fall. Guess where i fell was a marsh land, and i had a rifle in my hand.I was fighting enemies. There was counter-firing and the next moment, i saw a bullet hitting my friend, a guy with whom i studied for 12 yrs during my school days. But it's strange, he was fine. The bullet entered and left his body in a millisecond. He smiled and was perfectly fine ! Strange !

All this happened in the night. The next day, in afternoon, i was sitting along with my friends. I was puzzled. Why ? Well, i dont understand how all my friends knew each other. All those who had nothing in common? Some were my school friends, some college friends and yet others were my collegues in my last job ! They all were at my home, and we all were sitting on the terrace..

I thought of arraning something and started walking down the stairs.

As i stepped down the first stair, i fell. I reached the last stair rolling !! Guess what, i wasnt hurt. Not even an iota of pain ! I rose, went into my room and then i was dressed in a formal suit, going inside a discussion room.

The next thing i was doing was giving a presentation on a topic which i dont remember..It was the perfect presentation.. No nervousness.. no preparation needed.. All i could see was applause....

Whatever you read till now was not something that i was doing.. All this was in my dream..
All in the same dream.. Some call it lucid dreaming, but i am not sure what it is ? the only thing i know is that i was in control of what i was dreaming and i was dreaming as per my wish..

I guess now you understand what happened ? Why i survived the fall ? Why i met all those friends at a common place? Why all my friends who had nothing in common, knew each other so well ?Why i had no pain when i fell from stairs ? Why that perfect presentation?Well, it was me who made all that happen.. I was the one who was making that happen...all in my dream..
Though such dreams are rare, but they are compulsive. By compulsive, i mean that they make me feel sleepy. As i am the one who is giving direction to what will happen next, i avoid waking up, and when i get such a dream, i end up sleeping 1 -1.5 hrs more !
What surprises me most is that such dreams are so vivacious, so real that i have absolutely no idea that i am dreaming.
But whatever they are, they make me feel good..

So, did you ever had such a dream ? A dream where you were the master and the dream, your follower ? Do share it with me :)