Tuesday, January 22, 2008

FREE blog review for my readers- Part 1

Hello dear readers, As promised, here i am with my FREE review for two of the blogs. For rest I will provide the review in my next posts.

In this post, I have provided review of two blogs of 'Steve' and another one of 'The Judge'

Steve's Blog- My review

His is an aqua theme with three columns with content in middle. The header is for this site only but looks as if its a Banner !! I would suggest to use a header that goes along with Aqua theme. On left bar, we see blog search and on right Google search- i feel you can combine these two and better provide only 'Search' option instead of these two.

The site has pretty interesting things to read. Also, I noticed that there are very less comments left on this site. Now for this, he can end his post in such a way as to prompt the reader to comment him. That would make his blog more interesting :)

Google Ads on right seem good, but i would say better blend these with your template. I mean change the background colour of your Ads to blend it with Aqua theme. Rest looks fine. Also I would advice you to remove Alexa rating as it displays 'No data'

The Judge Blog- My review

The header seems very different showing foot ( goes very well with the name- media morgue). The gray and black colour scheme really looks fabulous. One thing i feel is you need to scroll down too much on the home page itself, so it would be great if you keep just 6-7 posts on main page.

Content is always the king and i feel this blog has pretty good and interesting posts related to media. To take an example, this post looks funny http://mediamorgue.blogspot.com/2008/01/meet-spartans-or-not-preferably-not.html
Now to make it more interesting, it could have ended like "So shall we meet the spartans ? Well see the clip and tell me what you think ? "

I feel Google Ads can be taken advantage of and some ads on right hand side can be reduced.
Though Google Ads are present in posts but they are not noticeable. you can consider a 160X600 vertical banner on right side, which i feel would be a good use of google Ads.

So people, here I end my post with the review of two blogs. Please comment on how I did this review and if you would like to add some points for both these Guys, feel free to comments here. Thanks !!!