Monday, November 12, 2007

How to go Kayaking ?

Kayaking is a real fun !!
I really enjoyed kayaking at Toronto Islands with my friends.

Though it was scary initially, but we quickly learned the ropes and found kayaking extremely adventorous !!

Its really very easy and a very adventorous activity !!

Along with my friends, i enjoyed it for 2 hours at Toronto Islands and i can say without doubt that you can learn it in two hours !!

The next time i did kayaking was at Mount Tremblant which is around 8-9 hours journey from Toronto.

And this time, I was much more comfortable and kayaking was really more enjoyable the second time !!

Here is a small clip that my friend Giri took while i was coming towards the shore:

Thanks Giri for the Clip !!

Since I am not a pro, but a beginner in Kayaking, so If you are a beginner like me, you may have a look at this video: How to Paddle a Kayak and Not Fall Out !! It discusses three simple steps for Beginners..

So Enjoy Kayaking !! And dont forget to wear your safety belt - atleast it boosts your confidence !!!