Sunday, August 9, 2009

Download FREE IELTS Crack Book - Prepare for Listening, Writing and Speaking

Download FREE IELTS Crack Book - Prepare for Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking

Hello dear readers,

I have been getting good feedback about my previous posts on IELTS preparation. I was wondering if i could ease the process of checking my posts on IELTS and it striked me that why not make a Free IELTS Crack book which will have the blog posts on IELTS Listening, reading, writing and speaking..

So, I have prepared the free IELTS Crack Book. Here is the screenshot of it's first page:

So here I am, providing you the link to the free IELTS Crack Book that i have prepared.
Here is the download link for version 1.0 of FREE IELTS Crack Book:

Do let me know how this sounds to you and if there is something more that you would like me to come up with in next version of this crack book. Pls do leave a comment how you felt about the free IELTS crack book.

Till then happy downloading !!