Thursday, December 6, 2007

World's biggest christmas parade Toronto 2007

Hi People !!!
Do you know where is the Largest Christmas Parade every year ??
Well, if you dont know, its in Toronto every year..

I was quite lucky to attend it in Toronto this time.
There were around 1700 participants ( mostly school kids ) and more than 10,000 viewers flocking the streets to get blessings from Santa !!!

I will take you across the complete parade... More than 1700 school kids participated in Toronto's Annual Christmas parade this year. The roads were flooded with thousands of people.

Christmas parade in Toronto is a family event and many families have been visiting here for many years !! Kids really enjoy this parade as they see so many kids dressed up in coloured uniforms. With all pomp and show, i enjoyed being there.

I met an Indian- Pawan during the parade. This Guy just came 15 days back and he was really enjoying the parade. Moving on, I took a French Vanilla from TimHortons, and then came the most awaited person.. Guess Who? Ofcorse Santa Claus.. When Santa came, there was smile on everyone's face especially the Kids..

The Santa gave his blessings to all.. His majestic Chariot with Reindeers was worth watching !!
So here I am - Reporting all action that YOU MAY HAVE MISSED..

The parade was almost over now.. People started moving towards Subway... I hope you enjoyed the parade with me..

Keep visting for further action !!