Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How to Speak Spanish ?

Hola y bienvenidos ( Hello and Welcome )
I have been taking out some time on regular basis and now feel quite comfortable in this new language - Spanish.
I have learned the basics of Spanish and in this post, well I will not teach you how to speak Spanish as there
are a couple of sites doing the same thing.

Well i will focus on how spanish may help you..

1. For business purpose, lets suppose you get a chance to go spain or to Mexico sometime, well then if you know spanish ( Español ), it will certainly be very helpful.

2. Well learning any foreign language is a boost to your personal and professional skills - and there is no doubt about it !!

3. Hey, if you like a spanish speaking gal or guy, then if you speak spanish, well you may have a good chance. After all if you go for a date with a spanish, well you must know some spanish !!!

4. Well if you want to learn Spanish now. And that too for FREE, then you can look into Youtube videos, just search for 'learn Spanish' and you can learn spanish for FREE !!!

5. Hey did I told you that if you wish you can translate this entire site in Spanish, just by clicking the Spanish Flag on right side using Google Translate.

6. Well Rocket Spanish !! is World famous for their Spanish Courses. You may check their site as well.

So what are you waiting for..

Permite aprender español !!! ( By the way that means - Lets Learn Spanish !! )

Español es muy fácil - Spanish is very easy !!!