Thursday, May 5, 2011

Games2Win creates controversy on facebook by creating a 'Kill Osama' game creates controversy by creating a 'Kill Osama' game

We all know that Osama died a few days ago ! Today, I came across an interesting game and what's more interesting is the response that this game has received.
Games2Win has created a game which has created a controversy on facebook and has not been taken up very well by the facebook users.

For me what's interesting is the way this game has been taken up by the people.
Response for this game has been overwhelming !

The game begins by locating Osama and then shooting him. Once he is shot dead, the player can cut his throat by drawing the knife on the neck and cutting the neck slowly.
Then the game shows that the blood is flowing from the neck of Osama and he dies.

The first comment on facebook (after Mr Alok Kejriwal- founder of Games2Win - declared that his game has been created) is as follows :-

"Holy God!!! are we really this sadist???"

I certainly agree with this comment and feel that this may not have good impact on value system of any human being.

Since games are meant for relaxation of mind and are very well taken up by children and by society, such a game which shows blood and slow killing would definitely
have a negative impact on those who play it.

Though Osama was responsible for death of innumerable people and what finally happened to him is right - in the sense that he got the punishment for wrong doing. But
again as per humanitarian grounds - his killing would not be right as human nature is that of care and of protection and natural death is the proper way of leaving the world.
Since Osama did acts which were beyond the imagination and he killed so many people, his killing is a relief for the world and is not taken up by human rights activists.

Now, coming again to the game. Here are some more comments on this game. Please read the following:

"Well....not sure if I will want to play it..maybe Great Execution.....but Sick idea.... "

"Awesomely cool. Who was the sick mind who came up with this ?"

"The knifing part is really gory"

"cudnt cut down the neck..........thatz y I didnt like it"

"In very poor taste :("

"the idea to it becoming a game... not ok"

"I feel like this has the potential to negatively impact the brand. Killing, or capital punishment etc are sensitive issues. Majority of the developed nations have eradicated capital punishment anyways (US excluded). This is very much against the basic instinct of human beings,which is to protect, care etc. But you maybe able to get away with this one as this is guy is the worst possible human being since world war 2. Overall a thumbs down from me:) "

"Nothing has changed. This game is just the shoe on the other foot. Osama killed 1000s, the US through its policies has killed at least 10x that amount. Nearly every government is guilty of that at some point in its history or future. This is nothing to do with Osama being a bad guy. When we strip away the sanctimonious bullshit it boils down to this: we just need a legit outlet to indulge in our blood lust and glory in it. The same emotion that charges a WWF ringside cheers and jeers. This game feeds off that blood lust."

Finally, I feel Alok is in dilemma about the way this game has been taken up by the community.

Anyway, my question to my readers is:
What you feel about such a game?

Do you like such games or you feel that such games are sick and sadistic ?