Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All India Pagalguy (PG) Meet 2010- Experiences

Attended the All india Pagalguy meet on 22-23 May 2010:

Started the journey to Virar ( to visit Arnala beach resort) with Mayank( caterpilar)

When I reached Arnala resort, met estranged_gnrs( Rohit- PG team). This guy was roaming with a towel on his shoulder and wearing a cap( which mostly politicians wear) - kind of ishtylish !

Met the guy, whom I had been longing to meet since a long time..
The founder of Pagalguy- Allwin Agnel (pagalguy). Had a good discussion about how almost all Bschools fudge salary figures.

Met some famous PG stars like: Grondmaster( Harshal modi), mahip (Mahip Vyas)

Had a lot of fun while playing in swimming pool. Mine was white team and we defeated the non-White team several times.. ( or was it the other way round ! )

In the evening, our Grondmaster started off with some Question Answers which helped the audience know more about PG.
At the same time, everyone introduced himself/herself. I too spoke about my fight since 2003 for quality mba education and that finally I am going for 1 yr Executive mba from XLRI( GMP)

Awesome guitar played by chuck_gopal and apurv pandit. One more 'gentleman' from BodhiTree ( with a rich voice) - his mimicry of Steve Jobs was simply awemsome !!

Also, visited the beach and got to know that our TJ( Tarun Chawla) is a professional photograph. he took some pics on the spot and they were really mind-boggling ! Also met 'shashank3012' ( doctor) who cracked CET ( his article Dont overstudy to crack CET- was recently published by PG)

At night, we had a great time while playing Dumb-sharads. PP (Puri pallavi) is not only a good dancer, she is a good entertainer also
She kept the energy in the group and we started enjoying dumbsharads. I got 'Pakeezah' - but was fortunate enough to enact it and good work by my team( thanks to shweet gurl 'nevergiveup' that she guessed it within 30 seconds !! was good to have Ganesh ( IIMA guy) - who kept giving typical Bhojpuri movies and Bhojpuri songs to Gujju guy ( rajaramvarun)

Oh, forgot to mention that also met many other guys and gals and cant remember their names and ids..so guys, if you were there and we met, pls do leave a comment here.

Finally, it was time to go back.. Made lot of good friends and enjoyed a lot in the PG Meet !

PS: To know more about PagalGuy, visit www.pagalguy.com