Sunday, December 27, 2009

AVATAR - a blend of Harry potter, Spartans, Transformers, MATRIX and Apocalypto !!

Went to watch AVATAR today.. Basically i had gone to appear for NSE's Derivative module test. After the test, i went to watch the movie.

Ok, so let me come to the point.

What do you get when you blend the following:-

1. Harry potter

2. 300 ( Spartans)

3. Transformers


5. Apocalypto

Answer: AVATAR !

Well this is how I feel the movie is made. Take the flying dinosaurs from Harry Potter, add to it the big and horrible Animals of 300( The Spartans). Gel with it the machines of 'Transformers'. Convert the 'living in a program' feature of MATRIX to living in an Alien. And add the 'Arrow shooting blue colored characters' of 'Apocalypto'.Rotate the story by 'EARTHians attacking ALIENS' instead of aliens attacking earthians. Keep up the energy of audience by frequent fighting sequences( Sometimes between Aliens, sometimes betweens Aliens-Animals, and sometimes between normal people-Aliens)Increase the length of movie to 3 hrs ! add to it 3-D and give your audience specs to wear !!

What's more ? It shortened my life by 3 hrs !! All hue and cry to watch a motley of movies in the price of one- that's what i feel the movie proved to be !

All said, the movie still gave me jitters at some points! The special effects lived upto it's expectation. The way aliens were presented was much better compared to traditional Alien Movies ! The night sequence of jungle was the best part and is the selling point of the movie! The love chemistry between the aliens was perfect without doubt !

Overall, a good experience and a must watch movie. I should be generous and would rate it 4 on scale of 5 :)

So, did you watched the movie ?? How did you find it ?