Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to clear NCFM Certification in Financial markets ?

How to clear NCFM Certification in Financial markets ?

NCFM Certification in Financial Markets (Beginner's module) is the most basic module of all the modules available under NCFM Certification.If you have been reading a financial newspaper like Economic Times or Financial Express or Business Standard for some time, and if you know what is Inflation, then clearing this module is quite easy.

I can tell you from my experience that I studied for just 2-3 hours using the material provided by NSE and could secure 94% marks. But I already was interested in financial markets for last 8-9 years and have been reading Economic Times for last few years.

Now, even if you have no financial background and you dont understand financial terms, even then it would not take you more than 1 day to prepare for this module. There are some basic mathematical questions in this module which are same as in the model test that NSE has given on it's website.

The NCFM Certification in Financial Markets course is structured to help understand the basic concepts relating to different avenues of investment, the primary and the secondary market, the derivatives market and financial statement analysis.

There is no negative marking and you need to secure 60% marks to clear the NCFM Certification in Financial Markets.

One benefit to study this module is that if you find it difficult to understand various financial jargons in financial newspapers, then after clearing this module, those cryptic financial terms will start making sense.

So guys, what are you waiting for ? If you have no background in finance, you can start with NCFM Certification in Financial Markets.

If you are already in Financial markets for some time, you can skip this module and focus on other modules. Because this would be a cakewalk for you. But yes, this will help you in revising and rechecking your basics of financial markets!

PS: I have added the NCFM certificate, but modified it to avoid it from getting copied and getting misused.


Jagadish Vema said...

Ankit Sir,
First of all hearty congratulations to you for getting into XLRI GMP.

I wanted to know more about NCFM certification as I am also going for PGDM programme at XIME Bangalore. I feel this certification would be useful if I opt for finance stream. I would like to know your opinion on them. Also please tell us how to apply for these certifications.

Ankit Arora said...

Hey Jagadish

Thanks for your wishes.
Congratulations for XIME ! It is also one of the best bschools, and you surely will have lot of learning.

Yes, this certification will help you in getting the basics of financial markets
It is a very basic module and if you regularly read financial newspaper then you can get 90+ % by reading it's book for just 1-2 hrs.

You can apply by visiting www.nseindia.com

Thanks- Ankit

weirdonk said...

Hi Ankit,
i wanted to know where i could get a coaching/study materials for nse cert exams, as i come from a non-commerce background.
Thank you,
Ankita Bhattacharya

Unknown said...

hello sir heard a lot abt u ...........if u dont mind can u help me plz??????? i m doin ma bbm, i got to know about nse today by ma teacher can tell me wat is the eligiblity for tht exam??????? n wat should i reffer to get a good result in exam?????????? n will the exam b usefull to me in financial carrer??????thank u for givin some of ur time to me????????????

Ankit Arora said...

What is the eligiblity ?
Pls refer their website www.nseindia.com. I guess there is no such eligibility criterion. Any indian national can appear for this exam.

Refer to get a good result in exam?
Do the model test paper of the module you are attempting. Also make sure that you read the content given in the course-book that you will get from NSE for the module you are writing.

Will the exam be useful to me in financial career?
-Definitely yes. It will give you exposure to the module you are appearing for. Exam will be beneficial from learning viewpoint. And the certificate you get will make you more reliable from employer's perspective.

Thanks- Ankit

Batchu said...

hello sir am satish, iam persuing m.com 1st year,, ncfm certificate is usefull for getting good job in future,,,

Unknown said...

hi im arjun afresh graduate, can i atend CM dealers module directly. is it posible?

Anonymous said...

im a fresh graduate can i atend CM dealers module directly

Anonymous said...

Hi! Ankit thanks for sharing the info :)
can i apply for dealer's module directly without clearing any other module?

Ankit Arora said...


Reg your above queries, you can apply directly to dealers/ CM module without clearing any other module.


shreyas89 said...

hello mr. ankit,
i am from engg background and i am very much interested in finance and markets. i have already booked the date for financial markets: beginner's module and have received the book. is the book enough for preparation and can u suggest some other books from where i can start building my knowledge not specifically for any certification.

shreyas89 said...

hi ankit sir,
i am from engg background and m very much intersted in finance. i wud like to know if d book i have received for financial markets:beginners module is enough for preparation. n pls suggest some other book for improvin my basic financial knowledge.


Ankit Arora said...

Yes, that book is sufficient and then you should also do their model online tests 2-3 times and study the book very well. do all the questions at end of each chapter and you should clear it !

best wishes

shreyas89 said...

thank u....:-)

shreyas89 said...

thank u :)

Saumya said...

Hi Ankit,

I have been working in a software company from the past 2 years.I had a banking project till now.Am planning of a job switch now.Cud u pls tell me whether doing the NSE certifications will enhance my resume will b a right move.Am planning to work in the banking domain in future.Being new to financial markets pls tell me what material shud i refer to while planning to do NCFM???are there ne other certifications which can help me out???


Ankit Arora said...

Hi Saumya,

NSE certifications reflect your interest in the area you want to get. For NCFM, you should refer to their books- it is excellent source for preparing for their exams. Also make sure that you attempt their online model tests and do questions at the end of each chapter. Any other certification- check our IIBF( Indian institute of banking and finance) You can do their certification.

Anonymous said...

hi ankit,

Is the content available in nse website is enough for clearing the beginner's module ? And what is this book ? do we get the book even if we register online ? And is the content in the book sam as the one on their website ?

thank you.

Ankit Arora said...


Yes, the content available on NSE is sufficient for clearing the beginner's module. You will get the book even if you register online. It will be delivered at your address. yes, the content of PDF that you download and the book that is delivered to your address- content is same.

Thanks !

Anonymous said...

Hi Ankit,

I have no background in finance.But my current project is a banking project, so i need to know the basics.I thought this would help me. How much time will it take for me to prepare for this test, as i have no finance background ? Is 2hrs a day for a week sufficient ?

Thanks alot.

イH乇 N乇Xイ said...

Hello sir,
i have a question that why the validity of the certificates have only 5yrs? Is there any renewal procedure or the value will be no more after 5 years ?


Ankit Arora said...


Markets keep evolving ! and so 5 years is a big time in financial markets. The institute has to make sure that the theoretical concepts are in line with what goes practically on trading terminals. Hence the validity !

You will have to take exam again after 5 yrs.


parth said...

Hi Ankit,

I wanted to get in to finance in PGDM and I see there are any cotse available at NSEINDIA.COM. I would like to know which corse would help me most?

Unknown said...

Hi Ankit,

I am vinay , actually iam an enginner graduate & software engineer now, but about 3 yrs backat start of career i had experience in equity trading about few months, but i am totally in love towards markets ..so i have been trading virtually in forex markets since years i am very much comfortable with indian and foriegn markets...

Now i am planning to start career in financial markets ..

So please suggest me the right path...

Pavan Reddy said...

Hello Sir,

I recently i.e.last week registered for Capital Market dealers module. What is the maximum time gap to appear the exam? Plzz sugest sir...
Thank you.

Unknown said...

hi ankit,
am abhishek , completed doing my Bsc and now interested doing in NCFM.is MBA compulsary for NCFM or future job purpose

NISM Certifications said...

Great Post. This will help a lot to the students preparing for NISM

Anonymous said...

Hi Ankit,

I wanted to know what are the professsional prospects available when one clears the certification and at what level it will be available.


Anonymous said...

Hey, is the book same as the one available online on the NSE site ? for financial market: beginner's module. Or is the print version and the pdf different ?

Vamsi said...

Hi Ankit ,

I am a final year undergraduate engineering student and I went through the NSE beginner's module onsite material .
I read the Economic times regularly .This material looks pretty rudimentary.I am interested in a career in finance.
I have seen that certification exams held by BSE as well .Is there a difference between the two certification exams (given the price is half of that of NSE).
Should I take this NSE certification exam or the BSE one ,or are there any more exams that have greater credibility than these two (other than the CFA) ?
ALso , would you suggest that I skip the beginner's module and take the next level modules instead ?

Thanks a lot in advance !

Unknown said...

I am going to pursue my MBA in finance.Please guide me which course will be suitable for me.I am a computer science engineer...that means no background in finance.Please help.

pallavi said...

Hi ankit..
I have done mba & working in banking domain.Now I want to switch my carrier from banking domain to capital market field, would ncfm exams help me in changing job.

pallavi said...

Hi ankit,
I have done mba & working in banking domain from past six years. Now I want to change my carrier from banking domain to capital market field. Please advice me ncfm exams help me, if so which exams I need to take.

Deepa said...

Thank you for sharing your experience. I am planning to give the exam soon. Just wanted to check if the Study Material appearing on the nse site is same as the study material they provide after paying the fees?

Nikhil said...

Hello Ankit !

Well tomorrow is my ncfm : beginners module exam . I was trying to find some mock papers over the web but i couldnt ! Can u tell me any website through which i can get mock tests