Saturday, January 12, 2008

Get FREE blog review by giving your Advice

Hi Bloggers !!

I need your advice. Just spare a few minutes and comment below on my new template that I am planning to change to.

Here is the screen shot of how this blog will look like:

To get the complete look, here is the link:

Please comment below and advice me if this New template looks good OR my old one is better that this one.

I am quite skeptical about changing my template.

The whole idea is that i want to move from my current template to a more professional one where i can put all advertisements on right hand side and all content on left side.

Also, If you know a similar template that would look better than my new template, please give me its link.

Thanks !!! I will change my template probably by 20 Jan ( still to decide), so please spare some time if you read this.

( Depending on how many people give me comments/advice here, I will try to give a brief review about each of your blog/site, and i will give a blog review of atleast 5 blogs, so please leave your email/blog address while writing the comment )

I am done with FREE review and will be giving review for all those who left me their advice in my upcoming post. No FREE reviews after 21 jan 2008


Anonymous said...

My first impression on your new template is that right side of screen is way too wide. Quick impression is that it takes at least 50% of the screen width. I would limit the right side to 250-300 pixels, but thats just my opinion (I have 200 pixels wide sidebar on all my blogs, but thats too narrow for those 2x2 ad blocks (each block having 125x125 pixels) that are so popular these days)).

I would also get rid of the archive and move 'About me' section to bottom to lower left corner of whole page.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ankit, firstly I don't want to comment anything about the pixels or size, cause I don't know and will not know about it even though I am willing to learn about it. My impressions of your "new" blog theme are; they very are clean looking and organized, but it doesn't have the unique header of what you are using now which is the one I'm much prefer .Of course that is only my opinions, it's all up to you :) Bye.

Anonymous said...

Ankit, Your problem is not the look of your blog but the poor address, spend a few bucks and get a decent domain. Either template works.

Ankit Arora said...

@Juha: Thanks Juha. I want to go with such a new template as it seems more visitor-friendly. I mean all content on one side and the rest on other side.

Well, yes, I guess what i can do is, I will try to get a similar header in new template. Thanks !

@Guy: Thanks Guy. I already own a domain and am working on getting my blog on my own domain.

Techie Guy said...

I agree with the previous comment about the right sidebar being too wide. You should shrink it and make more room for your content.

Also, I find that there is a lot of advertising above the fold that takes up much of the room on the right. I would reduce that to provide more information to your visitors.

jeferrer said...

i like both templates. though I am somewhat biased with white background as I find them more clean and professional.

Unknown said...


I would take more time to work on the banner. the banner is the first thing that is seen by some getting into your site. Take the time to implement a nice one, or order one to any designer. It will be important. you should also keep the availability to include on the banner ads, in order to have a higher value.


Unknown said...

Honestly, it feels like you've got the site split in two. 50% content, 50% advertising. I think its too much. If the ads were seperated a bit more, or perhaps a smaller column than the content, it wouldnt feel so oppressive.

Of course, I'm still tinkering with my own site and am not happy with the format completely either.

Keep trying. Its getting better!


Unknown said...

Better than this one for sure, but too many google ads. 1 is enough.

Anonymous said...

I like the new one better myself. It has a nice sharp look to it. This one isn't bad either, I just think the other one looks more professional.