Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mumbai Blogger Meet Roundup

Hello Gang !

I just came from Mumbai Blogger's Meet organized by IndiBlogger sponsored by Microsoft Live Writer.
Here is a recollection of the moments spend at the meet:

It all started today at around 3.30 pm with Indiblogger's guys asking everyone to come infront and talk about his/her blog for a minute( Hall of Fame as they say)

Now, it doesnt makes sense for me to write what each blogger talked about, so please check the proceedings of blogger meet here.

What I liked the most about the meet was that I came to know about Microsoft's new product Windows live writer which is awesome for bloggers.

More on Windows Live Writer in my next post.

One more thing: This is the first post that I am publishing using Windows Live Editor.

So are you using Windows live editor, or did you attended Mumbai blogger's meet ?


Anonymous said...

your points are noted by MS. also list down few tweaks and enhancements that you want to do to the tool to make it better.

We were glad you turned up for the indiblogger meet man and the moon walk was a killer. thanks for coming and hope we meet soon.

indiblogger Team

Tejas Lakhani said...

yea man.
I have also attended the meet.
it was fun as well as lot to learn.

Unknown said...

hey ankit
it was great meeting up and interacting with all the bloggers. you've gt a cool site here. hope to continue the discussions here.
have aded u to my list.
take care

Ankit Arora said...

@bg: Thanks buddy ! The blogger meet is a great initiative by you guys. I am exploring Live writer and will get back to Microsoft soon.

@tejas, tarun: Yep guys, the bloggers meets are a new phenomenon in India which gives a personal touch to blogging. Thanks for the honour of adding me to your lists. And do let me n my readers know if some new blogger meet is coming up ! Thnx.

Princess said...

Hi Ankit

It was wonderful meeting up at bloggers Meet and nice post here :)

Inbetn, On 10th May, there is this Startup Sunday is the link :


Ankit Arora said...

@Netra: Was fun meeting everyone there. Thanks for the link for Startup Saturday. I will be coming there for sure.