Monday, October 29, 2007

Experiments with Adobe Photoshop

Hey people! Today i have some something new !! I downloaded Adobe Photoshop CS2 version 9.0 from Adobe website and did some experiments. Adobe is a wonderful software, infact the best when it comes to photo editing.

Here are some of the experiments that i did with photoshop today..

This image was produced using the Cut Out effect.

You can learn photoshop in just two hours. Its that simple !!! They have some online video tutorials as well.

Lets see some more pictures that were modified using Adobe Photoshop.

This was made using the Glow effect.

There is one place that i found which is for Photoshop Newbies They have some Easy Photoshop Video Tutorials For Digital Photographers.

Let me show you some more experiments that i did..

This picture i have modified using the diffuse effect in Adobe Photoshop.

The above picture is my favorite, and that is because it give a painting kind of effect.
I didnt knew thats there can be some many things you can do with Adobe Photoshop !!

This was made using the Smudge stick effect.

Well one thing i have learned with Adobe Photoshop is that not all the effects will work equally well on all the pictures !! This means that depending on your picture background and amount of light your picture has, different effects will look good on different pictures !!!

Well, you may want to know from where i got photoshop. I am using their try out version which is available at their site for free.

Hope you liked my experiments. Please give me some feedback or some more ideas with using Adobe Photoshop. I am loving it !!!

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