Monday, November 26, 2007

How to Moonwalk ?

Moonwalk - Whats that ?

I am talking about going on Moon and having a walk - No Way !!!!
Well MoonWalk is a kind of breakdance, which make the viewers believe as though you are walking in air without maintaining much contact with the Floor !!

I was watching some videos on youtube about Breakdance and thought- well this Moonwalk is something which seems quite easy and tried my hands on it..

Here is my 1 min video.. where i am practising it..

I dont feel that i can do it very well though, but i can bet - if you practice it 2-3 days, you can surely do it !!!

So people, if you feel you want to learn a different dance, and that too without spending too much time and Energy, then go for MoonWalk !!

Believe me, you will enjoy learning it !!!

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