Monday, March 10, 2008

How to access internet on laptop using GPRS enabled handset ?

Rightly said, "Adversity leads to oppurtunity !!"

And this fits very well in my case also. Recently I moved to an area where I couldnt get broadband internet connection. I talked to my sister and she said she knows someone who was using internet on a desktop computer using nothing but a GPRS enabled handset. I thought this sounds exciting, so why not give it a try. And guess what, I am publishing this post via my laptop which is connected to web through my GPRS enabled handset.

Now, you folks must be thinking how this works?

Here is what I did and you can do the same:

1. Get a GPRS enabled handset and get the internet connection activated on your handset.

2. Connect your mobile to your laptop using a data cable OR a bluetooth connection ( anything is fine. I am using a data cable, by the way)

3. Establish a dial up connection on your laptop/desktop computer. Now it will ask you to select a modem.Select the one which represents your handset modem. In my case, I have a SONY ERICCSON W580i handset, So I selected the same modem when I saw the options.
4. Once this is done, you can open the connection. Leave the username & Password fields blank. You need not put anything in these two fields.
5. Lastly, the dialup number- This proved challenging to me people !I was using the number *99# which didnt worked. I researched on internet and found another number *99***1# which also didnt worked for me. Lastly, I found one more number *99***2# and guess what- I was more than happy !!!I could see myself connected with internet using just my GPRS enabled mobile handset !!

Guys, believe me, it took me almost two days in this research, but it was worth it !
And guess how- Firstly I could get an internet connection, which seemed impossible initially and Secondly, Well I learned something new and which you will definitely find useful !!

So people, follow these steps and remain connected with web while moving, or while in traffic. And dont forget to ask your mobile service provider about the rates of using internet !!


Anonymous said...

I just got back from a week long trip visiting family. There was absolutely no wi-fi, no chat cafes, no even a local library with a decent connection.

Where was this article before I left. I was stuck in non-blogging HELL. Oh well, at least now I know.

Unknown said...

Great article. I'll bookmark this one.

Unknown said...

hey ankit,
just one questine ;
how did u research on the net with no internet connection :)

.... nice blogs btw !

Anonymous said...

I've seen this one many times, but here in the states it is more common to see an extra card inserted fr faster than GPRS packet speed.

Anonymous said...

I have problems using Reliance data card with my mac. tries so many blogs to find out solution through blogadda, but did not find any. do you know if the rel. card works well with macbook pro. which card do you think works well all over India?

Anonymous said...

Hey.. i have the same laptop.
I guess it's HP dv6000. i have dv6500

btw, it is an nice article.

- ankit jain