Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy birthday Mom ! I love you !

This post is dedicated to my mom as it's her birthday today and since she is the most wonderful person in my life, so I want to share with the world, how I have grown up as a person with my mom's caring and lessons.

I also dedicate this post to all the wonderful mothers in this world.

I have imbibed many personal traits from her and have taken the first lessons of management from her. She always says that if you are not successful, you need to work even harder. This helped me in developing my perseverance.

I have seen her managing innumerable roles with such an ease. Once, I was packing my bags while leaving for college. I couldn’t fit all my clothes in the bag and asked her to give me a bigger bag. She arranged all the clothes in the same bag, and showed me that, if arranged properly, that bag was big enough for all my clothes. Such experiences helped me learn how to effectively utilize resources. 

She also imbibed in me the qualities that a person should know how to live independently. He should know how to cook, wash his own clothes and how to iron them. This helped me during my stay in Toronto, where I had to cook myself, wash and iron my clothes, as these services were not available easily. My mother always asks me to eat proper food and take care of my health. She always says that if a person is healthy, then only he will be able to take care of other people and work effectively. And I follow her words every day to remain in good health. She also imbibed in me the quality to look at the strengths of each person.

It's been 10 years when I moved out of my town to attend college. Whenever I leave home to go back to the city I work, there are tears in her eyes. She never lets those tears come out and holds those in her eyes. This way she shows her strength. She knows that if her kids have to grow in life, if they have to succeed, they will have to move out- they will have to take new challenges and struggle and then only they will come out with flying colours.

She is the most satisfied person and i never saw her complaining about anything in life. She maintains her patience in tough times and has always guided me and my sister to remain composed and strive for excellence by patience, not by aggression.

Your mom will never tell you that she needs you- that she is waiting for you to come home. because she wants you to go ahead in life. But dont be selfish, call her.. Ask her if she is well.. If you cant go and meet her- ask her to come and stay with you.. 
If it's her birthday or it is mother's day, send her flowers- send her gifts. Even though gifts cant replace the love that your presence would give her, still the gift will carry your love towards her- that gift will make her feel good, feel special, she will feel that you are with her- always...
Remember that even if the whole world hates you and goes against you at some point of time, your mom would still love you and stand by you. So never break her heart. Take care of her. Love her. Adore her. God bless you and your mom ! 
In the end, if God gives you only 2 options to choose: a) 1000 failures OR b) your mother
- you can choose your mother. With her presence, you would overcome 1000 failures and succeed for sure !

Happy birthday mumma !


Michael Aulia said...

Send my regards to your mom! and yeah, my mom does the same too. She always packs my luggage even if I don't want her too lol

Somehow she always manges to squeeze all the things I want to carry in there..

neha asthana said...

Well said..n happy bday to aunty..:D