Monday, May 9, 2011

How to clear Bloomberg Aptitude Test [BAT] ?

Do you know what BAT is ?

Well it is Bloomberg aptitude test.

So what does this test contains? And what benefits will you get if you pass this test ?

I definitely feel that this test is a value addition to you. For 2 reasons:

1. It adds value to your profile and potential recruiters would know that you are serious about making a career in financial markets.

2. When you study for this test, you will learn many areas that are covered in this test.

Well, friends, here are my experiences while appearing for the Bloomberg test:

1. I found the test easy as most things were already covered during my MBA program- so if you are in midst of your MBA, its a big plus for you.

2. Following were the key areas from where the questions were asked:

Financial Statement Reporting and Analysis
Investment Banking - Corporate Finance and Financial Advisory
Investment Banking - Capital Markets Issuance / Syndication
Global Markets
Investment Management
Verbal Skills
Math Skills
Situational Judgment
Ethical Reasoning

So friends, what are you waiting for?
If you want to add value to yourself, do check out the Bloomberg aptitude test !

I have collected the following links to help you with your preparation for BAT -

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Anonymous said...

What is a decent score in BAT, if you have any idea?

Anonymous said...

what are the scoring rules for this test?

nik said...

Just took it last week. Yeh ur rivht. U do need a stratergy to complete the 100 question in 120 mins. And the maths queztions can be time consuming.what i do would like to know is that how to cover all of that and what books to read or where to further research to supplement ur knowledge ?

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Can a HR student having knowledge of maths,analytical reasoning and all other related stuff can give BAT.

Megha said...

I have worked in retail banking for two years and have been working as an assistant professor in a college for 3 years now. But now I want to switch to investment banking. I have a PGDM in finance. Will bat help me?