Saturday, December 29, 2007

How to write a Guest Post on this blog ?

Hey People !

I invite you to write Guest Posts for me.
Here are some rules for writing a guest post.

1. The post should not be published anywhere else. That is it should be an entirely new and original piece of article.

2. Length of the post should be around 300 - 400 words.

What you get ?

You will get a link back to your site/blog. So if your name is 'AAA BBB' and your site is '' then the post will look somthing like this:

Guest post by 'AAA BBB' of ''

**Content of your post**

Note: A 'How to' kind of post is preferred as you can see in Quick Links on this blog.
OR, if you have a unique/ lifetime experience, that would be preferred.

I will read each and every post send to me and if your post is approved, I will send you a mail as soon as I publish it.

How to send your Guest post?
You can send me an email at using following subject line:

Subject: Guest Post: **title of your post**

Thanks and regards,

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