Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How to cut onions while Smiling ?

I know this topic definitely excites you !!
After all, who would like to always keep filling buckets with Tears while cutting Onions !!!

People, i have found a way, using which you can cut onions- without tears - infact while Smiling !!!

So here is the concept:
Take some water in a big Bowl and cut the onions inside the bowl

How this Works ?
when you cut the onions inside a bowl fillied with Water, the water absorbs the Sulphurdioxide gas released from Onions.. And thus the water layer avoids contact of this gas from your delicate eyes..

Ok, enough said !! Still you dont believe ?
Watch my video where i demonstrate this method...

I hope from now onwards, you will enjoy and smile while cutting Onions !!! Good Luck !!

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