Thursday, January 3, 2008

How we celebrated New year at Niagara Falls

Hey People !!

I hope you had a great time on New year eve..
Here is how i started my new year with my friends !!

We 5 people started from Toronto at 6.45 pm on 31 Dec 2007 towards Niagara for celebrating the New years eve.
There was a huge crowd - almost 30,000 people arrived there. Most of the people were enjoying the concert.
Some Guy was singing something ( dont know what it was !! haha )

Here we are just outside the Casino at Niagara Falls

( Left to Right: Ankit, Farhan, Harsha, Kamna & Ravi )

It was too cool at Niagara and the night view of the Niagara falls was really amazing !!

We kept roaming here and there to enjoy the night view of Falls and the lightning around.
Finally, the wait was over ! It was just 10 seconds remaining for the beginning of New year !

Here is a 2 minute clip of the fireworks at Niagara Falls that i captured when the clock striked 12.00 !!!

It was pretty cold but the excitement of new year kept us moving.
Finally we had Tim hortons coffee and we started back to Toronto !

Overall we had a nice & chilly experience !

Happy New Year everyone !!

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