Sunday, March 30, 2008

Top Indian Bloggers gather at Bar Camp 3 Mumbai

Hello Gang ! Today I had a great experience at BarCamp3 held at Mumbai, India. I just came to know about it yesterday, so am sorry I couldnt post about it earlier !

So people, here I share my experiences about this awesome unconference @ BarCamp3 Mumbai:

I reached at S.J. School of Management ( SJSOM) at 10.00 am today morning. There was a huge gathering, almost 350+ people attending the same.

It all started with a brief introduction about what everyone was going to present over the next couple of hours.

As the people were giving brief intros, I met Mani and his friend Ashwin who came all the way from Chennai to attend this bar camp at Mumbai.

There were different threads( presentations) going in parallel. I would share my experiences about the threads that i attended..

The first session that i joined was on blogging by renowned indian blogger Rashmi Bansal, who talked about how she enjoyed blogging and how her hobby has made her famous in indian blogging arena !
Here i met Dhawal Shah who is coming up with his own starup Franchise2Win.

Next was the presentation by Ankesh. His was a fabulous presentation and he provided some great examples on how multiple authors can be good for a blog, about Seth Godin marketing strategies and about how he was working with 2 other guys and working on their 15th site !

Time to go for lunch people ! Its already 1.30 pm now ! Well the food was pretty good. We enjoyed it and hurried back to attend some startup demos.
It al started at around 1.45 with Burrp tv. Their idea was very innovative and presentation too good !
Next in pipeline was a presentation by Sheldon from Tasty Khana. He talked about how people can book their meal and table directly from his site and place an order as per their requirement to variuos restaurants. Well, i would say, it was a great concept and a tasty presentation on his behalf !

Aditya Mishra ( he seems multitalented ! After all he was one of the Planners) gave a presentation about how the Startup saturdays are coming along in Bangalore and how the same are being planned for Mumbai !

I also met Prabal Aggarwal who is a final yr MBA student and also blogs at Blog O Mania, Rohan Dighe from Social Web Factory which was launched a month back and had a talk about how his site is coming along.

I also met Sandeep Shetty from Directi ( Hey, thanks Directi for sponsoring barcamp !! ). He talked to me about how he is following Social Media Marketing, Web 2.0 and internet marketing !

Lastly I met a 2 cute looking gals: Meetu who writes reviews about latest movies on her blog and IdeaSmith from The Idea Smithy.

Finally, we wrapped up at 5.30 with the planners asking for feedback and how we felt being at barcamp.

I would without doubt say that these planners are doing an awesome job ! They are providing all bloggers a platform to connect and get involved in various activities like blogging, social networking, technology, startups et al ! Kudos to BarCamp Planners !!

Well, for those who have no clue about what BarCamp3 Mumbai was all about- do check out their website.

Overall it was a great time being at BarCamp3 Mumbai. Hope everyone enjoyed as much as I did ! Looking forward to next bar camp..

To end this post, I would ask: Did you attended the BarCamp3 ? If yes, How was your experience ? What did you took away from Barcamp ( apart from Freebies :) If you were among Presenters, what challenges did you faced, and if you were among presenters, what all did you learned ?
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Rohan Dighe said...

hey, it was really fun talking to you and the blog track really rocked !!! Also, did you hear to the person who earned $57k just by blogging.. i heard he hosted some 2000domains on his server.. crazy man!!!

Ankesh Kothari said...

Hi Ankit,

Thanks for the kind words about my presentation :)

@Rohan - the person you're thinking of can be found at:

kind regards,

shineraj said...

was nice meeting u.
cheers! SHiNE//

test said...

looks like u really had a good time... buzz me for the next meet